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  • Ramsha Sohail La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)
  • Armaghan Khalid La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)
  • Zainab Qadri La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)
  • Madiha Shah Isra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences. Isra University Islamabad
  • Rizwana Butt Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Islamabad Pakistan




Agility, Core strength, Endurance, Pilates exercises


Objective: to determine the effectiveness of Pilate training on physical performance of cricket players. Methodology: A two-arm, single-centered, randomized control trial was conducted at LFR I8Active Gym I8, Islamabad for time duration of six months from June 2020 to March 2021. The active male cricketers aged between 19-30, who had practiced for at least 2 years and had normal BMI (ranging in between 18.5 to 24.9) were included in the study. The n=20 participants fulfilled the inclusion criteria and recruited through non-probability convenient sampling technique and divided in two groups. The experimental group received Pilate training (PT) with conventional training (CT) exercise plan. However, control group received only CT exercise plan. The 30 feet agility shuttle run test, core strength test, endurance test, underarm throw accuracy test, throw-length test and ground fielding test was performed before and after the intervention. The MANCOVA was applied to see the differences in group while controlling the confounding variables. The level of significance was set at 95% CI (p≤0.05). Results: The mean age of study participants was 23.95±2.7 years, while average BMI was 22.4± 3.79. After running MANCOVA test on combine dependent variables, while controlling BMI and pretest score, statistically significant difference {F (6, 12) = 12.95, p<0.001, ηp2= .866} between groups was observed. All variables except endurance fitness (p=0.217), showed significant improvement in cricketer receiving combined conventional training and Pilates training (p<0.05).  Conclusion: It was concluded that Pilates with conventional training significantly improved physical performance of cricketers.

Author Biographies

Ramsha Sohail, La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Sports)

Armaghan Khalid, La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)

CEO/Fitness Expert

Zainab Qadri, La Fitness Reseau (18active Gym)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Sports)

Madiha Shah, Isra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences. Isra University Islamabad

Senior Lecturer

Rizwana Butt, Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Islamabad Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy